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zip pass: bestbots

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(if not updated, read FAQ)

Palavia PixelBot Palladium

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Palavia PixelBot BoX8 for NPC and boxes

No trial

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Vertex TOOL

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(or check message when open tool)

Vertex BOT

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Take part of the greatest services and tools to make your life easy.


Announces (also in NEWS/FB/Forum): Today 19.07.2018 banwave, our bots undetectable !!

We have released advice document with license (how to configure ship, best uri/h, how to bot safer etc)

TAX from paypal have been removed. More info & benefits

PALAVIA Palla: Please test the free version before buy it is highly important.

Some Antivirus it may see as virus because its crypted, add to exception or disable antivirus.

We released BoX8, a pixel-bot similar to palavia palladium, but for NPC and boxes.

DO NOT BUY DOB license IF YOU LIVE IN GERMANY!, will not work in DE. Click here for more info.

Try our new background / packet bot now, DOB, no more cpu usage and no more mouse locked, fully featured.

with bestbots.ro, fidelity is rewarded, 100% chance for all getting a free Silver 30 days.

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