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How to run Palavia pixel-bot palladium and system requirements

How to start/run ?

This product have a free version but with limited functions, if you really want best functionality you need the premium version. The premium version is much more improved including collecting.

Download from main page.

option for reviving by a hangar on 5-2. Just place a new ship on a right place (the left side of the rock on 5-2) and the bot will find the the best way to wrap and move your collecting ship to the palladium field on a 5-3!

For working requirements (you must have)

1. Fast internet and a good computer because 5-3 is laggy.

2. Operating system Windows 7 or Windows 10 with AERO enabled !! If DO play smooth on your pc, the bot will support too.

3. Your DEFAULT typing language of your computer must be ENGLISH ! ( work after restarting pc )

4. Browser - Google Chrome ( or any browser based on chromium, like Iron & Comodo)

5. What ship you can use: all ships but:

-For Vengeance/goliath you must have a title from the achievements menu (any title from those who you have).

-For Aegis you must remove your title from the achievements menu

6. You need the Kronos portal or at least the bottom left ring from the portals(alfa)

7. You must have any title form the achievements menu (if you are with a vengeance) and your name must be visable.

8. You must set all graphic to low, except ships (including deactivate drones, resources to low etc)

9. You must untick the option “attack on double click” from darkorbit

10. Ingame menus, windows must be visible, not transparent.

II. How to start:

1. Open your DO account with Google Chrome.

2. Go to hangar screen and choose the ship which will collect palladium on 5-3.

3. Start "palla by palavia.exe", put your real email and make all required settings in the bot menu if necessary

4. Now you can press "Tab" to start the collecting process, PgDown to pause, Esc to exit

5. The bot will hide all darkorbit menus, and reopen by itself, this is the process when will start.

6. It is better to watch the video tutorial down here if you cant handle this bot.

You have a button HELP for more details and must strictly follow all instructions and requirements for make all this working!

If you encounter another problems use  our forum. And make sure you read FAQ and check videos.

How to buy / activate license  ??

Click here to see all instruction for buying and methods of paying.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to start pixel bot palladium palavia DarkOrbit (choose Fullscreen and FullHD)

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