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How to run VERTEX BOT - npc hunt, bonus-box collecter, and more

How to start/run VERTEX BOT ?

This product doesnt have trials because security reasons.

There is no download until the payment is done. It`s needed to make account on Vertex page, license is bind to Vertex page account.

You will receive all instructions in mail after you contact us, where to make account on Vertex page, how to activate license and how to download and run the bot!

If you encounter problems in running the bot please contact us at bestbotsro@yahoo.com

Dependencies requirements: (this may be installed with Vertex_BOT_Installer)

Windows 7 and above (64-bit), at least 2GB of RAM and a decent computer (for 1 Session)

Necessary windows files: PLEASE INSTALL IN ORDER !!

.NET Framework 4.5.2    +    C++ Redistributable 2013 (x64)    +    C++ Redistributable 2015 (x64)

You need to download the latest version of Flash for Opera and Chromium (PPAPI) from here

If the bot dont open also the browser add bot to your anti-virus program as an exception otherwise it will be deleted! OR/and install the C++ Redistributale 2013 x64 and 2015 x64 (install in order 2013 to 2015, otherwise will not work. If you have already installed something else you have to uninstall the current version first in the control panel where you remove programs)

The bot dont work on MAC, you may try with virtual machine and let us know (Oracle is free).

Required game settings:

Enable "Start and stop attacks using the shortcut bar" in the gameplay settings

Enable "Log into client automatically" in the gameplay settings (auto start)

Recommended 2D Mode (for better killing/collecting) - works in 3D too

Recommended: Hide resources and cargo boxes in the game settings

Recommended: Equip a drone-repair CPU (the bot repairs the drones, but in case of failure)

Temporary requirement: Equip an auto-repair CPU on both your configs

Windows 7/8/10 requirement: Windows app 100% scale

How to use:

   1. Open up the bot. Go to Settings → Account → and type your username and password (select portal if turkey)

   2. Go to License, copy paste your auth key, press Verify Auth key, close bot.

   3. Open the bot, go to Settings -> Bot to configure the "no-click zones" (areas that will no be clicked on, such as buttons, windows and menus from darkorbit).

   4. Go to Settings -> Ship and set the ammo keys corresponding to their number on the hotbar in-game

  5. Go to Settings -> General and put at least 60 min or lower to “Reload game every x minutes” -> this option is very important in order to bot for hours smooth without flash crash and to be effective, depends also on your hardware system

   6. Configure the remaining bot settings at your preferences

   7. Go back to menu Map, and press PLAY button. (Start bot)


MORE important TUTORIALS Click here

How to buy / activate license  ??

Click here to see all instruction for buying and methods of paying.

How to run VIDEO: (watch in 1080p and fullscreen for best experience)

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