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Free tools for darkorbit

Here we will put the best tools for DarkOrbit at your disposal for free, or other such information, also our contest for winning a free license and so on.

IMPORTANT: We don`t offer support for this FREE TOOLs, if you have problems with them, contact the official maker of the tool.

Tools / Others

Contest and prizes

Logo BUGPOINT –> our slogan, banner, advertising

1. A free license to Happy Easter, April 2011

Darkorbit Statistics –> player online by server, nationality etc

2. celebrate with best reseller because of 5000 customers


3. Random.org pickup the winner for FREE LICENSE !! 22.08.2011-28.08.2011

Free 1 Session Vertex BOT license

4. FREE LICENSE !! 20.09.2011-27.09.2011

5. Santa gives you free license, 11.12.2011 - 26.12.2011

6. free kOS license, contest 11.09.2012-16.09.2012

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