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You can't bot ? You dont have time for gates ? BestBots can do this for you !

STEP 1) What you must do for getting the botting service?

Make the payment, then send email with: (to bestbotsro@yahoo.com )

- your payment details

- your USERNAME and PASSWORD from your darkorbit account, to can bot for you (do not give to anybody, only to us)

- and what type of service do you choose (7 days 12/7 for botting..... Gate x or y, and so on)

Tell us on what map you want to bot, what npc, what ammo, npc + box, we dont recommend use pet and we dont use pet option, it`s waste of uridum.

STEP 2) What next?

- you will receive a confirmation to email when we start the bot service

- if you want to stop the bot service, to make a pause to play or something else, announce us with one day before that action, and we will stop bot and you can play... dont forget after to come back and tell us when to start again

- we will start the bot the next day after the payment (you pay today, we start tomorrow for example, if we have free slots)

STEP 3) What to know and benefits

- your account will be safe with us, we are most trusted reseller for darkorbit bots, since 2010 in the market.

- we use CONFIG 1  for shoot and CONFIG 2 for run

- CONFIG 1 also is mandatory to have full speed, full lasers except 2-4 shields on drones, CONFIG 2 full speed and full shields.

- we recommend to bot in x-2 if your ship is not UFE, you can make 4.000-5.000 uri/h with a FE ship (5.000-6500 uri/h with a UFE ship), Leonov or Pusat (we do not recommend box only, you will get lower uridium because of cooldown)

- this prices are cheap if you cant afford the time to bot or to use your energy at home and we do not use any VPN, we use our personal computer and we can run only 4 account / period of botting. (you can reserve a place by buying or ask if slot if available)

- if you bought for example 7 days, and you want to change to less you can, but you will not get any refund... if you like to extend buy again and will be extended from the end of current period

- if you want to stop bot to play manually, the TIMING is going on, so if bot is stopped because of you 2 days, 2 days will pass normally from your period (we will not recover missed hours because of you)

- if bot is stopped because of updates and other problems from us, hours will be prolonged, will be added back for bot service

- we do bot only for NPC and boxes for now, no palladium

- we bot on 1 map / botting session

- you do not need to buy any license for bot

- you dont spend anymore your time doing this

- you dont spend anymore electrical power to pay

- you dont wear (damaging) your computer, not hurt for long time opened... and so on

- YOU MUST BUY CPU REPAIR DRONE AND EQUIP FOR YOURSELF, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU LOOSE DRONES and also put PROMERIUM on engines and SEPROM on shields (even if the bot already repair drones, but this safety measure must take place)

- 1 day = 1 euro, very cheap

- we do not use full features from bot, please do not ask for them, we bot with our suggested settings in indicated map by you and the ammo you choose to use.

- THE BOT WONT BUY ANY TYPE OF AMMO, make sure you put the CPU on ship or buy them on shop

- supported maps by our service is x-2, x-3, x-5, x-7, x-8 for now.

Note: The whole transaction is conducted at maximum of 6 hours, you can insist on mail if you didn't received any mail from us after 12 hours!

With new method it depends also from customers, if you send email with all instructions given, will go fast.


Prices EUR

Paysafecard USD

1x account botting box or NPC

7 EUR / 7 days 12hour/day

10 USD / 7 days 12hour/day

1x gate of:

Alpha, Lambda

1 EUR / gate

1x gate of:

Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa

2 EUR / gate

1x gate of:

Gamma or Kronos

2.5 EUR / gate

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